The Glaciers
Character profile
Name The Glaciers
Age 8(Sorube)
Centuries of Years (Glace)
Gender Female
Male;disguise as Female (Glace)
Species Human(Sorube)
Devil (Glace)
Family Sorube
Location Currently Unknown
Occupation Trainer Witches
Status Alive
Himuro Sorube and Glace are ice-cream witches who opens an ice-cream shop just like Chocola and Cacao.Their shop location is currently unknown, however Sorube has gotten Glace's permission to open a shop which can be anywhere in the world.They are currently training by selling ice creams at Chocola's shop.

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Appearance Edit

Sorube has short, light blue hair with light blue and cream ice-cream shaped hair clip with a red ribbon. She wears a white diamond-shaped necklace. She also wears a light blue dress with ruffles (presumably) everywhere. The middle of her top has a pastel pink ribbon and light blue skirt with yellow, light pink skirt in the middle. She wears light-pink shoes with a light blue diamond-shaped accessory.

Glace has long, light blue hair with a white ribbon around her neck and a black headband with white ruffles under it with a light pink ice-cream shaped with a cone and sprinkles hair clip on it.Her dress is almost the same as Sorube's only longer and had an extra ruffled accessory with a small, red ribbon.She wears a long, light blue and white skirt in the middle, she also wears medium-dark chocolate boots.

Personality Edit

Sorube and Glace has an extremely different personalities and attitude since Sorube is soft-hearted and helpful, while Glace is quick-tempered and rude.

Throughout the manga, Sorube usually shows her emotions, which also means she's a pessimist. She however is always innocent, and cries whenever someone lose their temper at her, and Glace usually covers for her even if she's guilty.

Glace,as stated,is completely different to Sorube.She is quick-tempered, rude and inconsiderate(at times). But Sorube knows her better than anyone else (except Chocola and Cacao), because she's very protective towards her 'sister' and gets kind whenever she feels so.

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Trivia Edit

  • In the manga, they are the only Ice-Cream witches.