Miyatani Shion
Character profile
Name Miyatani Shion
Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
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Occupation Pianist
Status Alive


Miyatani Shion is a costumer from the Chocolate Magic: Anime page. Miyatani is a shy and kind, whether someone has a problem, you can completely trust to Miyatani. Miyatani is really kind and shy towards Ootsuki Eiji, while when with Kawashima Ritsu, she feels weird, as she kind to her and always trust her, Ritsu always make bad things to Miyatani. This makes Miyatani feels uncomfortable. Miyatani is voiced by Takahashi Mikako(高橋 美佳子 Mikako Takahashi).

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Miyatani has long, light rose pink hair with two pigtails. She wears her casual school uniform with her skirts and shoes. As when towards Eiji she became shy, when with Ritsu she felt weird, sad and heartbroken, as Ritsu looks like she didn't want to be friends with Miyatani. Shion character is revealed in Dark Spice with her voice actor. Her short story is revealed in Guilty Crunch. Theme Color: Pink.

Personality Edit

Towards Eiji, Miyatani feels happy and shy, while with Ritsu she feels bad. She is actually has a clear-minded but get too be so in trouble when knowing that playing piano bored her. So she ate the Meringue au Chocolat, a golden music-like shaped chocolate, to stop playing piano. But, she didn't notice that Ritsu also ate that chocolate, taking away Miyatani's talent. But due to the competition, she felt wrong about herself, but she was being strong and do it without worrying.

Plot Edit

Early Life Edit

To see the story, please click this page:- Chocolate Magic:Anime and click the youtube link. If you can't, please search at the google already.

Trivia Edit

  • Shion is the only character in the anime that has two pigtails.
  • She is the only character that have light rose pink-colored hair.