Kiyu Maehara
Character profile
Name Kiyu Maehara
Age unknown
Gender Female
Species Human
Family unnamed mother
Location School
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Kiyu Maehara (Maehara Kiyu) is appeared in Honey Blood and the manga called "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...". The manga genre is creepy and haunted. Kiyu is in love with Tooru Egusa(Egusa Tooru), and Egusa is in love with Kiyu, too.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Kiyu has a long hair with two pigtails appear to be down.She also wears her casual school uniform. Even though she is a lonely girl, Kiyu really loves to help others.

Personality Edit

Kiyu appears to be kind and soft, but when she found out that she has a sister that died long ago named Mayu Maehara(Maehara Mayu), she became cruel, vain and also, even she is now beautiful she still becames vain even more.

Plot Edit

Early Life Edit

Chapter 1: Mayu's Life Edit

When Kiyu is writing her journal, Egusa appears and said if she is writing using left hand. Kiyu blushed and said yes, and Egusa continued, saying that using a left hand is a great person. But Kiyu said that using a left hand also has many weakness. Then Kiyu says that she wanted to send the book.

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Chapter 2: Kiyu's Selfishness Edit

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Chapter 3: I Still Accept You Edit

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