Ichika Sugimoto
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First Creamy Sugar
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"I don't need a friend like a bully like you!"

Ichika Sugimoto () is the supporting character of the anime and manga Chocolate Magic (ショコラの魔法, Shokora no mahou) by Rino Mizuho.



Ichika is a tomboyish and cool girl. Her hair is long, and a star-shaped pin that she wears.She wears her casual school uniform.


She is tomboyish and cool, as the first time she was kicking some boys that says that she colored her hair. Even though she is tomboyish, she seems to like Shun, but Yoshiko ate the Temptation Rose Chocolate from Chocolat Noir. The chocolate makes all boys from her school loves her, but Ichika had saved Shun from the Pure Heart Chocolat.


Pure Heart Chocolate: Honesty of the Heart Edit

Chapter 1: Shun and Ichika! Edit

Chapter 2: Yoshiko and Shun... Did They Just Coupled?! Edit

Chapter 3: Ichika's Heart

Chapter 4: Shun and Ichika Is Back!


  • Ichika is the only character that doesn't ate Chocola's chocolate, but made her own chocolate at Chocolat Noir.