Ibuki Yao
Character profile
Name Ibuki Yao
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Gender Female
Species Human
Family Unnamed mother and father
Location School
Occupation Patissiere
Status Alive

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Shokora no mahou evilessence

Evil Essence front cover

Ibuki Yao (Yao Ibuki) is the main character of the manga Chocolate Magic: Evil Essence. She appears in one of the menu "Chocolate Fondue: Uncertainly Pond". Her enemy, Shino Nanamura(Nanamura Shino) always get the 1st place and founds out that Shino is actually cheating.

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Ibuki is a girl who loves to fight with Shino, her biggest enemy. She always wanted herself to win.

Ibuki, like the other patissiere* wears a chef hat and wears chefs' usual apron, top and bottom. She has a white, short hair with frilly hair below.