Chocolat Noir
Vital statistics
Type Chocolate Shop
Level N/A
Location Middle in the Forest
Inhabitants N/A

About the Shop Edit

Chocolat Noir is a shop that is hidden in the forest. Chocolat Noir appears many times on each manga, Chocolat Noir is owned by a dark chocolatier named Aikawa Chocola, with a black cat(that can turns itno human form) named Cacao Theobroma. Chocolat Noir is also appears on the anime, as well.

When Chocola was small, but still being a chocolatier(in Ice Shadow), Chocolat Noir is not yet to be called a "building", as it is still has some crack. But still, Chocola and Cacao both have a strong feeling that they can rebuild it.

Shop Appearance Edit

The color of the shop yet is unknown, but it is revealed in the anime version. It is hard to look all of the design, as it is rarely appears on the manga. At Valentine, Chocolat Noir is closed. But, when it is White Day, it is still open. It is only one chocolate that has a bond with Chocolat Noir, it is called Foret Noir, appeared in Jewel Syrup; Foret Noir: Memory of the Shining Sun.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown if Chocolat Noir's real name is Shokora Noir/Chocola Noir, as it is never revealed in Malay version. It may because Chocolate Magic is changed to Shokora no Mahou, as the word Chocolate/Chocolat has the same pronounce of Shokora.
  • The Chocolat Noir symbol may be Cacao's medal-like ribbon, a love chocolate with a blue ribbon on it, or maybe others.
  • It is not revealed how does Chocolat Noir building can be build, as it is only at the middle of the forest.