Amamine Kugutsu is known as the doll maker in Ice Shadow. He only appear on three books: Ice Shadow, Jewel Syrup and Knocking Egg. But there's no appearances to Kugutsu in Love Flake onwards (or is it?). He is the minor and the antagonist of Chocolate Magic (ショコラの魔法,Shokora no mahou) by Rino Mizuho.

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Kugutsu has the power to transform to a butler or his usual outfit. Despite of his appearances, every woman he's met wanted his love in the end when they know they couldn't reach it.

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Kugutsu is the antagonist and a recurring character, so he is a villian who has good looks and a normal person. However, he has a goal: to become one of the Devils, therefore he is an antagonist.

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Kugutsu has the ability to make people turn to dolls; whether in two options: One, after he has fulfilled a person's wish and they are ready to end their life, or fulfill the person's wish by making the owner of a body/house/talent turn to doll in order to make the costumer live there/had it.

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  • Kugutsu is the only doll maker character in Chocolate Magic.
  • Kugutsu is the only character that sometimes appeared and sometimes not.